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About Jake Early

Jake Early, ArtistJake Early’s work as a graphic designer and printmaker has made him America's favorite fine art serigrapher. A native son of Chico, California, Jake's work reflects the landmarks and history of California's coast, mountains, and urban landscapes.



        Early illustrates and prints each unique piece by hand. He produces his serigraphs on a printing press he designed and built in his Chico, California studio. His simple illustrative style, strong depiction of place, and bold color palette all resonate with collectors. A trademark of Early’s work is the use of metallic inks, which are created by mixing powdered metals into a clear ink base. These inks pick up and reflect light, often changing the mood of the prints as natural lighting conditions change.

        Early is a graduate of the graphic design program at California State University, Chico. He also studied at the School of Fine Arts in Seville, Spain. Along with his work as a printmaker, Early is an accomplished graphic designer and illustrator for clients across the United States, as well as in Japan and Europe. His commercial clients include: Documentum, EMC2, The Naples Coalition, Butte Creek Brewing Co., Drishti Yoga Essentials, Enloe Medical Center, Rie Coffee, Greenline Cycles, Heinemann/Boyton Cook Publishing, RedFly Clothing, Bedrock Skate and Ride, Blue Room Theatre,, Sunfield Seeds, Lundberg Family Farms, Chico State Alumni Association, Tate Snyder Kimsey Architects, and KCHO Public Radio.


Technical details:


      "All of my work begins as a simple illustration using an ink pen and paper. I usually draw all the different elements individually and assemble them on a board, eventually working it into the final illustration. 


All of my serigraphs are printed on heavyweight, acid free printing paper. I use 130 pound cover stock in "natural white." I hand-cut all my color separations from rubylith using an x-acto knife (except for the type, which I have output digitally). 


My inks are specially formulated, oil-based silkscreen printing inks for use on paper. I keep five primary colors of ink in my studio and mix all the specific colors I use from those. They are 'air dry' inks and take between 1 and 3 hours to cure (depending on humidity and temperature in my shop) before the next color can be applied. My metallic inks are also hand mixed, using pulverized metal powders that I mix into a clear ink base.


The silkscreen process uses a squeegee to force the ink through a fabric mesh to make the impression on the paper below. I use three different types of silkscreen mesh in my shop- ranging from a coarse weave to a very tight weave- and choose them according to the color ink I'm printing.


I've used the same pencil to sign and number every single print I've ever made.


I take print #13 out of every edition and keep it for my personal archive. During a visit to New York City when I was really young, I discovered most tall buildings never have a 13th floor - they always go from 12 to 14, and I thought that was the coolest 'secret' of all time."  ~Jake




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